12V 7 AH Lithium ion rechargeable battery car toy بطارية ليثيوم أيون قابلة للشحن

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Lithium ion rechargeable battery

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Battery Type: Lithium
Nominal Capacity: 6789101112Ah 
Nominal Voltage: 12v 11.1v
Battery Dimension: 65*96*151mm
Battery Weight: About 1500g – 1800g
Internal Resistance:  
Cycle life: More than 2000 times, DOD at 80%
Input Charging Voltage 12.6v
Input Charging Current Standard 1A, fast 5A
Continuous Discharging Current 8A, Around 100W
lithium battery has BMS board built-in, the same battery can connect in parallels,  not series.
Discharge cut-off Voltage
Charging Temperature: 0~45Centigrade
Discharging temperature: -20~60Centigrade
Storage temperature: -20~45Centigrade
Widely Applications: Electric vehicle, Electric Bicycle, Tricycle, scooter, golf trolley, cart, wheelchairs, Medical instrument, Solar supply system, solar panel, energy storage, electric tools, power tools, instruments, LED lighting devices, RC toys, inverter, household appliances, and emergent device area, etc.


Brand battery Features

  1. High energy density
  2.  Long cycle life
  3.  Wide application
  4.  High discharge rate
  5. Safety: Excellent abuse tolerance and environmentally friendly
  6. Life: Excellent calendar and cycle life.

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