850mAh 3.6V Home Phone Rechargeable Battery بطارية هاتف المنزل قابلة للشحن

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Home Phone Rechargeable Battery

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Cordless Phone Battery 3.6V 800mAh Ni-MH 5/4AAA for Panasonic HHR P104

Material: Ni-MH
Capacity: 800mAh
Voltage: 3.6V

 HHR-P104,KX-FG6550, KX-FPG391, KX-TG2302, KX-TG2303, KX-TG2312, KX-TG2313, KX-TG2314, KX-TG2322 KX-TG2335 KX-TG2336, KX-TG2343, KX-TG2346,KX-TG2355, KX-TG2356, KX-TG2357, KX-TG2386, KX-TG2388, KX-TG2480, KX-TG4500, KX-TG5050 KXTG5055,KX-TG5200 KX-TG2344 KX-TG5202,

KX-TG5210, KX-TG5212,KX-TG5213, KX-TG5230, KX-TG5240, KX-TG5242, KX-TG5243, KX-TG5421, KX-TG5422, KX-TG5432 KX-TG5423, KX-TG5428, KX-TG5431, KX-TG5433, KX-TG5436, KX-TG5438 KX-TG5439,KX-TG5451, KX-TG5452 KX-TG5453, KX-TG5456, KX-TG5471, KX-TG5480 KX-TG5561, KX-TG5566, KX-TG5571, KX-TG5576, KX-TG5583, KX-TG5621 KX-TG5622,KX-TG5623, KX-TG5631,KX-TG5632, KX-TG5633, KX-TG5634, KX-TG5651, KX-TG5652, KX-TG5653, KX-TG5664, KX-TG5671, KX-TG5672, KX-TG5673 KX-TG6500 KX-TG6502, KX-TGA233 KX-TGA234, KX-TGA236,KX-TGA248, KX-TGA450B, KX-TGA500, KX-TGA520, KX-TGA523, KX-TGA541, KX-TGA542, KX-TGA545, KX-TGA546, KX-TGA547, KX-TGA548, KX-TGA549, KX-TGA550, KX-TGA551, KX-TGA552, KX-TGA560.

Package includes:
1pc Cordless Phone Battery Ni-MH 5/4AAA 800mAh 3.6V for Panasonic HHR P104 PKCELL

While choosing a replacement battery for your cordless phone, TWO things are important:
1.    Material:
Generally, there are two types: Ni-MH and Ni-Cd.
Most NiCd batteries use YELLOW color and NiMH uses GREEN color.

Ni-MH:  No memory effect and high capacity, as well as a higher price than Ni-Cd.
Ni-Cd: cheaper and has a memory effect. The low capacity density which means Ni-MH provides higher capacity than NiCd even the sizes are the same. For example, NiMH AA MAX could be 2600mAh while NiCd AA MAX is 1000mAh.

Here is something about memory effect:
A battery 600mAh could be used for 20hours at 30mA theoretically.
If you use it for 5hours (150mAh used only) and then charge it.
NiCd battery with memory effect with memorizing the capacity as 150mAh as you used.
That will make you think “oh, that’s a really bad battery!” when you use it next time.

While there is a way to avoid memory effect—TO ACTIVATE THE BATTERY.
Charge the battery for 16hours, put it for half an hour, use the battery until it is dead.
Do that for 3 cycles. Your batteries will become alive again.
It is good to do an activation every three months if you have a battery with memory effect.

2.    Capacity:
That is simple. The higher the capacity, the longer the use. Just make sure the capacity.



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