Battery 9V Snap Connector To DC Barrel Jack Adapter

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بطارية 9V موصل المفاجئة إلى DC برميل جاك محول

6.00 SAR8.00 SAR

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9V Snap Connector to DC barrel jack adapter 

This connector is useful when you need to power some board using a 9V battery but that board has only a 2.1mm DC barrel jack to power it up. One can use this adapter to power up any DC barrel jack-based power connector using a standard 9V battery.

Features :

  • Excellent material
  • fine workmanship
  • It is an environmental 9V battery buckle
  • T- fonts, with red and black connecting lines
  • Save power and protect the environment
  • Good electrical conductivity and comfortable sense of touch
  • Application :
    • This DC power plug can then be plugged into any DC power barrel jack (of equivalent size). The DC power barrel will then supply 9 volts to the circuit to which it is connected.
    • This is very handy for any type of circuit where you want to supply 9 volts to the circuit and you want it to operate on battery power, or if you just don't have a standard 9-volt power adapter.
    • This setup with a 9V to Barrel Jack Adapter can be used to power your own custom-made circuit in which you power it with a DC plug plugged into the DC barrel, or it can be used to power boards with DC power barrel jacks installed into them. Many boards have DC barrels, including Arduino boards, parallax boards, and many others
    • Battery 9V Snap Connector To DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Robot Spare Parts -
    • 9V Battery Snap Cap with Male DC Jack Connector

      The 9v Battery Snap Connector + DC Jack(Battery Connector Cap) comes with the best quality material. It is widely using for project purpose.

      The 9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug provides the ability to conveniently use a 9V battery to power many common boards and modules such as the popular Arduino and compatible micro controllers.

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Battery 9V Snap Connector To DC Barrel Jack Adapter

6.00 SAR8.00 SAR

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