JCL WXD3-13-2W Precision Potentiometer 4.7KΩ Ohm Wirewound Multi-Turn Potentiometer High-Performance

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JCL WXD3-13-2W مقياس الجهد الدقيق 4.7K Ω Ohm مقياس الجهد السلكي متعدد المنعطفات عالي الأداء

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WXD3-13-2W 4.7kOhm multi-turn variable
 wirewound resistor 2W 

Series: WXD3
Full name:   WXD3-13-2W
Product type: Variable resistance resistor (rheostat, regulator) 
Resistance type: Spiral wire, with slider 
Maximum resistor resistance:  4.7 k Ohm   ±5%
Power dissipation on the spiral:   2 W

Dimensions (approximate, manual measurement)
Length including shaft: 58 mm
Body length: 38 mm
Threaded shaft height: 20 mm
Shaft diameter: 4 mm
Panel mounting hole diameter: 8.2 mm
Resistor diameter: 20.5 mm

Rheostats WXD3-13-2W are widely used in industry, amateur power supplies and modernization of factory power supplies, in amateur radio transceivers, in measurement and control devices and other cases when it is necessary to set the exact resistance value. 

This is WXD3-13-2W 4.7K ohm Precision Potentiometer, widely used to adjust the timer, speed, and temperature.


  • Model: WXD3-13-2W
  • Small size, easy to carry
  • Provide full protection from dust, shock, scratches and bumps, and other daily damage.

Package Includes:

1 x WXD3-13-2W 4.7K ohm Precision Potentiometer



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