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Power Supply Module DC TO DC 400W 10A

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وحدة إمداد الطاقة من تيار مستمر إلى تيار مستمر 400 وات 10 أمبير

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Only 2 left in stock

  • Adopting high-quality components, greatly improved the module performance which is up to 95% efficiency;
  • Advanced microprocessor & LED display, can precisely adjust the output voltage/current by button, and output voltage/current can be displayed in real time;
  • One-key to save & Automatic power-output Functions, the current values of voltage and current can be saved by a key of Set, and the automatic power output can be set;
  • Input Voltage/Current: DC 10V-60V/15A Max; Output Voltage/Current: DC 12V-80V/10A Max;
  • DIY a stabilized voltage supply for your electrical device such as laptop, vehicle power supply.

Product description

Specification:Input voltage: 6V -40V

Input Current: 15A(max)

Output voltage: 8V -80V(adjustable)

Output power: 400W(max)

Output current: maximum output current of 10A(adjustable)

Conversion efficiency: up to 95%

Short circuit protection: Fuse

Size: 85*75*64mm

Weight: 305g

How to Setting Voltage & Current:
The default display is the setting value of voltage as power on, press the “SET” button to switch to the current setting value. After the voltage or current value changes, press “SET” button,”—-” will be displayed, which indicates the current setting values of voltage and current have been saved. If there is no change in voltage or current value,press the “SET” button will switch to the current or voltage values.

Automatic power-output on/off method:
Long press “OK” buttons, power to the module, as “–0-” is displayed, release the button. If “–y-” is displayed after releasing the button, that is the automatic power-output function on, otherwise “–n-” is displayed, that indicates the automatic power-output function off.

DC-DC 400W 6-40V to 8v-80v 10A Boost Converter Step-up Module Power Supply - Direct Voltage

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