Compact Design Electrolytic 10000uF 100V Capacitor 105℃

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Electrolytic 10000uF 100V Capacitor 105℃

مكثف كهربائيا 10000 فائق التوهج 100 فولت

Elevate your electronic projects with our high-performance 10,000uF 100V Electrolytic Capacitors. Designed to excel in high-voltage and high-temperature environments, these capacitors offer unmatched reliability and stability, ensuring your devices perform at their best. Whether you’re working on power supply units, audio equipment, industrial electronics, or consumer electronics, our capacitors are the perfect choice.

Key Features of  10000uF 100V

  • Capacitance: 10,000uF (microfarads) – Ideal for applications requiring high capacitance for energy storage and filtering.
  • Voltage Rating: 100V – Suitable for high-voltage applications, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electronic circuits.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Up to 105°C – Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for demanding environments.
  • Package: Pack of 1 capacitors – Conveniently packaged to meet your immediate and future project needs.

Applications of 10000uF 100V

Our 10,000uF 100V electrolytic capacitors are versatile components that can be used in various electronic applications, including:

  • Power Supply Units: These capacitors are essential in smoothing out voltage fluctuations, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply.
  • Audio Equipment: Improve sound quality by reducing noise and providing clean power to your audio components.
  • Industrial Electronics: Withstand harsh conditions in industrial settings, providing consistent performance and reliability.
  • Consumer Electronics: Enhance the longevity and efficiency of everyday electronic devices.

Why Choose Our Capacitors?

  • High Performance: Our capacitors are engineered for excellent electrical characteristics, ensuring your projects achieve optimal performance.
  • Durability: Built to last, these capacitors are designed to operate efficiently in high-temperature environments up to 105°C.
  • Reliability: Trust in the stability and long-lasting performance of our capacitors for your critical applications.
  • Convenience: Available in a pack of 2, providing you with the necessary components for your project and spare parts for future use.

Technical Specifications of 10000uF 100V

  • Capacitance: 10,000uF
  • Voltage Rating: 100V
  • Maximum Temperature: 105°C
  • Dimensions: [Insert dimensions]
  • Weight: [Insert weight]
  • Type: Electrolytic capacitor
  • Tolerance: ±20% (typical for electrolytic capacitors)

Customer Reviews:

Our customers appreciate the quality and performance of our electrolytic capacitors. Here are some of their testimonials:

  • “These capacitors are fantastic for my high-voltage projects. The 105°C rating ensures they handle the heat without any issues.”
  • “Perfect for my audio equipment. The sound quality has improved significantly with these capacitors.”
  • “Reliable and durable, these capacitors have never let me down in my industrial applications.”

How to Use 10000uF 100V Electrolytic Capacitor:

To use these capacitors in your projects, simply follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Polarity: Electrolytic capacitors are polarized components. Ensure you connect the positive (anode) and negative (cathode) terminals correctly in your circuit.
  2. Mounting: Secure the capacitors on your circuit board, ensuring a stable connection with minimal resistance.
  3. Testing: Once installed, test your circuit to verify the capacitors are functioning as expected and providing the desired performance.
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