Reliable 12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable Battery for Extended Device Performance

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Reliable 12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable Battery for Extended Device Performance

12 1.3 بطارية تخزين صلبة قابلة للشحن

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30.00 SAR35.00 SAR

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12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable Battery

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9B1213 3 <h3>Reliable 12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable Battery for Extended Device Performance</h3> <h3>12 1.3 بطارية تخزين صلبة قابلة للشحن</h3>9B1213 1 <h3>Reliable 12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable Battery for Extended Device Performance</h3> <h3>12 1.3 بطارية تخزين صلبة قابلة للشحن</h3>


The battery can be used for the power supply of electric sprayers, car washers, scout cars, fishing rods and lamp lamp.
Soundbox, electronic instrument, electric gate, monitoring, access control, elevator lighting system, honeycomb cabinet, solar street lamp, and other emergency power supply.


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Reliable 12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable Battery for Extended Device Performance

Reliable 12V 1.3Ah Rechargeable Battery for Extended Device Performance

30.00 SAR35.00 SAR

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