2100V 0.88UF Microwave Oven High Voltage Capacitor

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2100V 0.88UF:

The Micro-wave Oven High Voltage Capacitor rated at 2100VAC and 0.88uF is a specialized component essential for the efficient and safe operation of micro-wave ovens. It combines high voltage tolerance with precise capacitance to support the generation of microwave energy for cooking while maintaining safety and reliability standards

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2100V 0.88UF Microwave Oven High Voltage Capacitor Model: CH85-21075

فائق التوهج مكثف الجهد العالي لفرن الميكروويف

description of microwave:

The Micro-wave Oven High Voltage Capacitor, rated at 2100VAC and 0.88uF, is a critical component within microwave ovens, designed to handle high electrical potentials and reliably store electrical energy. Here’s a detailed description of its components and functionality:

Dielectric Material: The capacitor’s dielectric material is specifically chosen for its ability to withstand high voltages and minimize energy loss. Typically, it’s made of a durable, high-grade material that ensures electrical insulation and reliability under demanding operating conditions.

Voltage Rating (2100VAC): This capacitor is engineered to handle peak voltages up to 2100 volts alternating current (VAC), ensuring safety and stability during operation. This high voltage rating is necessary to support the microwave oven’s power requirements and to safely store energy during operation.

Capacitance (0.88uF): The capacitance rating of 0.88 microfarads (uF) determines how much electrical charge the capacitor can store. In micro-wave ovens, this capacitance value is carefully chosen to support the magnetron’s power requirements and to stabilize the microwave’s electrical system.

Construction: The capacitor is typically housed in a cylindrical or rectangular metal case to protect it from physical damage and to ensure electrical shielding. Inside, the capacitor consists of metal plates separated by the dielectric material. The plates are designed to maximize surface area, allowing for efficient energy storage and discharge.

Purpose and Function: In a micro-wave oven, the high voltage capacitor plays a crucial role in the operation of the magnetron, which generates micro-wave radiation. It stores electrical energy from the power supply and delivers high-voltage pulses to the magnetron, converting the stored energy into micro-wave radiation used for cooking food.

Safety Features: Due to the high voltages involved, micro-wave oven capacitors are equipped with safety features such as internal discharge resistors. These resistors ensure that the capacitor discharges safely when the micro-wave oven is turned off, minimizing the risk of electrical shock to the user.

Installation and Maintenance: Replacement or maintenance of the capacitor should only be performed by qualified technicians due to the high voltages and potential hazards involved. Proper handling and disposal procedures must be followed to ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

Durability and Reliability: The capacitor is designed for long-term reliability under high electrical stress. Quality materials and construction techniques ensure that it operates effectively over the lifespan of the micro-wave oven, providing consistent performance and safety

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