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3 Axis ADXL345 Digital Acceleration of Gravity Tilt Diy Module for Arduino GY-291

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ADXL345 3-Axis Digital Acceleration of Gravity Tilt Module for Arduino GY-291

ADXL345 وحدة تسريع رقمية ثلاثية المحاور لوحدة إمالة الجاذبية لاردوينو GY-291

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ADXL345 3-Axis Digital Gravity Acceleration Tilt Module for Arduino GY-291

Product Introduction: The ADXL345 3-Axis Digital Gravity Acceleration Tilt Module, compatible with Arduino, offers precise measurements of acceleration due to gravity. This module is a versatile tool for a variety of projects, providing valuable data for motion and tilt detection.

Key Features:

  • Module Name: ADXL345 (Three-Axis Gravity Acceleration)
  • Integrated Chip: ADXL345
  • Power Supply Range: 3-5V
  • Communication Protocol: IIC / SPI
  • Measurement Range: ±2g to ±16g
  • Includes schematics, manuals, and reference documentation.
  • Ideal for 51, AVR, and Arduino microcontroller projects.
  • Supports 3-axis measurements at ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16g.

With its wide measurement range and compatibility with popular microcontroller platforms, the module is a valuable addition to any Arduino project. It’s ideal for tasks that require precise tilt and motion detection.

  1. Tilt Sensing: The module can detect changes in orientation and tilt. It’s useful for projects that require tilt sensing, such as creating a digital inclinometer or an orientation-aware device.
  2. Motion Detection: You can use the ADXL345 to detect motion, making it suitable for projects like motion-activated lighting, security systems, or even interactive games.
  3. Robotics: Integrate the module into robotics projects to monitor the orientation of robotic arms, vehicles, or drones. It’s valuable for maintaining balance and control.
  4. Gesture Recognition: Combine the ADXL345 with an Arduino to recognize gestures and movements. This can be used in gaming controllers or as an input method for various applications.
  5. Activity Tracking: The module is capable of tracking acceleration in multiple axes. You can create fitness trackers or pedometers to monitor activity levels.
  6. Vibration Monitoring: Use the ADXL345 to detect and monitor vibrations in structures or machines, making it suitable for structural health monitoring or predictive maintenance applications.
  7. Data Logging: Capture acceleration data over time for analysis. This is useful in scientific experiments, crash detection systems, and impact analysis.
  8. Gaming Controllers: Integrate the ADXL345 into custom gaming controllers to enable more immersive and responsive gameplay.
  9. Vehicle Monitoring: Monitor the orientation and movement of vehicles, including cars, bikes, and drones. This data can be used for navigation and safety systems.
  10. Interactive Art: Incorporate the module into interactive art installations to create dynamic and responsive artworks that react to movement and gestures.
  11. Wearable Devices: Develop wearable technology that tracks body movement and orientation for applications like augmented reality or virtual reality systems.
  12. Educational Projects: The ADXL345 is great for educational purposes, helping students learn about acceleration, orientation, and sensor integration with Arduino.

Keep in mind that using the ADXL345 may require additional components, programming, and calibration depending on your specific application. The module provides valuable data for understanding and interacting with the physical world, making it a versatile sensor for various creative projects.

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