1500uF 200V Electrolytic Capacitor

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A 1500uF 200V electrolytic capacitor is a high-capacitance, high-voltage component designed for energy storage and filtering in electronic circuits. It features a cylindrical aluminum body with two polarized lead terminals for through-hole mounting. Key specifications include a capacitance of 1500 microfarads, a voltage rating of 200 volts, and low ESR for efficient operation. Typical applications include power supplies, energy storage, decoupling, and motor drives. The capacitor is marked with its capacitance, voltage, and polarity, and is designed for reliable performance across a wide temperature range.

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1500uF 200V Electrolytic Capacitor

مكثف كهربائيا 1500 فائق التوهج 200 فولت

1500uF 200V Electrolytic Capacitor

General Description of  1500uF 200v:

The 1500uF 200V electrolytic capacitor is a high-capacitance, high-voltage passive electronic component designed to store and release electrical energy in various electronic circuits. This type of capacitor is typically used in power supply filtering, energy storage, and decoupling applications where both high capacitance and voltage ratings are required.

Physical Characteristics of 1500uF 200v:

  1. Size and Shape:
    • Cylindrical form factor with a diameter typically ranging from 25mm to 35mm and a height between 40mm to 60mm.
    • Encased in an aluminum can with a pressure relief vent at the top to prevent catastrophic failure under high pressure.
  2. Terminals:
    • Two lead terminals extending from the bottom for through-hole mounting.
    • Terminals are clearly marked with polarity: the longer lead is positive (anode), and the shorter lead is negative (cathode).
    • The negative terminal is often indicated by a stripe on the side of the can.
  3. Markings:
    • The body of the capacitor is labeled with essential information including capacitance (1500uF), voltage rating (200V), polarity indication, temperature rating, and the manufacturer’s part number and logo.
    • Some capacitors might also display additional markings for series designation and manufacturing date codes.

Electrical Characteristics

  1. Capacitance:
    • Rated at 1500 microfarads (uF) with a tolerance typically within ±20%.
    • Capacitance value is suitable for applications requiring substantial charge storage and smoothing capabilities.
  2. Voltage Rating:
    • Rated to handle up to 200 volts DC.
    • The high voltage rating makes it suitable for use in high-voltage power supplies and other demanding applications.
  3. ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance):
    • Typically low, allowing for efficient operation with minimal power loss during charge and discharge cycles.
    • Low ESR is crucial for applications requiring high ripple current handling and low heating.
  4. Ripple Current:
    • Can handle high ripple currents, typically specified in the datasheet, making it ideal for power supply applications where smoothing of AC ripple is necessary.
  5. Leakage Current:
    • The leakage current is a small value indicating the amount of current that leaks through the capacitor even when it is charged.
    • Typically specified in microamperes (uA) in the datasheet.

Environmental Characteristics

  1. Temperature Range:
    • Usually rated for operation from -40°C to +85°C or higher, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions.
    • Some versions may have a wider temperature range for specific applications.
  2. Lifespan and Reliability:
    • Designed for a long operational life, often specified in hours at a certain temperature (e.g., 2000 hours at 85°C).
    • High reliability is critical for applications in power supplies, industrial equipment, and other electronics where failure can be costly or dangerous.


  1. Power Supplies:
    • Used for filtering and smoothing the output voltage, reducing ripple and noise in DC power supplies.
    • Essential in switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) and linear regulators.
  2. Energy Storage:
    • Serves as an energy reservoir in circuits requiring short bursts of high current.
    • Used in applications like photoflash units, audio amplifiers, and pulse circuits.
  3. Decoupling:
    • Provides local energy storage to decouple different stages of electronic circuits, reducing voltage fluctuations caused by switching activities.
  4. Motor Drives:
    • Utilized in motor drive circuits to smooth out voltage fluctuations and provide stable operation.
  5. General Purpose:
    • Suitable for various other applications where large capacitance and high voltage handling are necessary, such as in lighting ballasts, inverters, and industrial electronics.

Installation Considerations

  1. Polarity:
    • Ensure correct polarity when installing to prevent damage or failure.
    • Incorrect installation can lead to leakage, explosion, or capacitor failure.
  2. Mounting:
    • Designed for through-hole mounting on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
    • Ensure proper mechanical support to prevent stress on the leads and maintain secure electrical connections.
  3. Clearance and Spacing:
    • Adequate clearance and spacing should be maintained on the PCB to prevent electrical shorts and ensure safe operation.

Safety and Handling

  1. Storage:
    • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and corrosive environments to maintain performance and reliability.
    • Follow manufacturer guidelines for long-term storage conditions.
  2. Handling:
    • Handle with care to avoid physical damage to the leads and casing.
    • Avoid excessive heat during soldering to prevent damage to the internal electrolyte and dielectric materials.

This 1500uF 200V electrolytic capacitor is a critical component for applications requiring large capacitance, high voltage, and reliable performance. Its robust design and electrical characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of electronic circuits and systems.

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