450V 100UF Electrolytic Capacitor 105°C

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450V 100UF:

450V 100µF electrolytic capacitor is a versatile component crucial for many high-voltage applications, providing energy storage, voltage stabilization, and noise filtering in electronic circuits.

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450V 100UF Electrolytic Capacitor 105°C

450 فولت 100 فائق التوهج مُكثَّف كهربائيًا

A 450V 100µF electrolytic capacitor is a common component used in various electronic circuits. Below are its key features and typical applications

Key Features of 450V 100UF:

  1. Voltage Rating:
    • 450V: Indicates the maximum voltage the capacitor can handle. It is designed to be used in high-voltage applications without breaking down.
  2. Capacitance:
    • 100µF: This is the amount of charge the capacitor can store. It’s suitable for applications requiring substantial energy storage.
  3. Type:
    • Electrolytic Capacitor: Typically polarized, meaning they have a positive and a negative terminal, and must be connected correctly in a circuit.
  4. Tolerance:
    • The capacitance value might vary by a certain percentage, typically ±20%, depending on the manufacturer specifications.
  5. Physical Size:
    • Generally larger than capacitors with lower voltage and capacitance ratings, due to the need to withstand higher energy.
  6. Temperature Range:
    • Often rated for operation within a certain temperature range, such as -40°C to +105°C, affecting their performance and lifespan.
  7. Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR):
    • Lower ESR is preferred for efficient energy transfer and less heat generation, although electrolytic capacitors typically have higher ESR compared to other types.

Applications of 450V 100UF:

  1. Power Supply Filtering:
    • Used in power supplies to smooth out fluctuations in voltage by filtering out the ripple. This ensures a steady DC output.
  2. Energy Storage:
    • Stores energy for use in high-power applications such as camera flashes, where quick bursts of power are needed.
  3. DC-Link Capacitors:
    • In inverters and DC-DC converters, they stabilize the DC bus voltage, reducing voltage spikes and noise.
  4. Motor Start Capacitors:
    • Used in AC induction motors to provide a phase shift for the starting windings, helping the motor start and run efficiently.
  5. Audio Equipment:
    • In audio amplifiers, they filter out low-frequency noise and stabilize the power supply, improving sound quality.
  6. Coupling and Decoupling:
    • In circuits, they block DC while allowing AC signals to pass, or decouple different sections of a circuit to prevent interference.

Example Usage Electrolytic:

  • In a Switching Power Supply: A 450V 100µF capacitor might be used at the output stage to smooth the rectified DC voltage, ensuring minimal ripple and stable voltage supply to the load.
  • In High Voltage DC Circuits: It can be used to filter and stabilize the voltage in applications like high voltage power supplies, pulse circuits, or industrial electronics.


  • Polarity: Always observe the correct polarity when connecting an electrolytic capacitor, as reversing it can cause leakage or explosion.
  • Derating: It’s often recommended to use a capacitor with a voltage rating higher than the maximum operating voltage to ensure reliability and longevity.
  • Lifespan: Electrolytic capacitors tend to degrade over time, especially when exposed to high temperatures, so they might need replacement in long-term applications.

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