F-1200 Smoke Machine

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جهاز الدخان F-1200

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450.00 SAR500.00 SAR



  • Generating fog
  • Create misty effect for your productions
  • Note: Chemical is not included. It needs to be purchase additionally.


Power: 1200W
Operating Voltage: AC110-120V 60Hz/AC220-240V 50Hz
Weight : 5Kg
Heat Time : 5min
Output: 1800cu.ft/min

1200W Stage Fogger Fog Smoke Machine. This Fog Machine is Remote Controllable, DMX channel port. It requires of AC 220~240 V, 50 Hz AC 100~240 V, 60 Hz(Optional). It's Power consumption is 1200 W. Its Fuse is 10 A /15 A

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F-1200 Smoke Machine

450.00 SAR500.00 SAR

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