Handheld Metal Detector 3003 Professional Super High Sensitivity Scanner Tool

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1, detection sensitivity: diameter of 2.5 mm ball
2, power supply: 9V battery (6F22ND) ( not include )
3, power consumption: 270mW
4, operating frequency : 22KHz
5, working current: less than 50mA
6, working temperature: -5-55
7, net weight : 409g
8, size: 410 * 85 * 45mm
9, packing size: 580 * 330 * 460mm (25 support / box, weight: 12.5kg / 13.5kg)

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75.00 SAR90.00 SAR

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Handheld Metal Detector Professional Super High Sensitivity Scanner Tool

كاشف المعادن المحمول الاحترافي فائق الحساسية

Discover the Power of High Sensitivity with Our Handheld Metal Detector

When it comes to professional metal detection, precision and reliability are paramount. That's where our Handheld Metal Detector steps in. With super high sensitivity, this scanner tool is your ultimate companion for various security and inspection applications.

Key Features:

  1. Super High Sensitivity: Our handheld metal detector is engineered to provide the highest level of sensitivity, ensuring that even the tiniest metal objects do not escape its detection capabilities. This is vital for security and safety purposes.
  2. Professional Performance: Built to meet the demands of professional use, this metal detector offers a level of performance that you can rely on. It's the tool of choice for security personnel, law enforcement, and anyone who needs precise metal detection.
  3. Versatile Applications: Whether it's security checkpoints, event venues, airports, schools, or public gatherings, our metal detector is designed to excel in diverse environments where safety is a top priority.
  4. User-Friendly: We understand the importance of user-friendly tools. Our handheld metal detector is easy to operate, allowing you to focus on your tasks without the hassle of complicated controls.
  5. Compact and Portable: The compact design ensures that you can easily carry and use the detector wherever you need it. It's your on-the-go solution for enhanced security.
  6. Audio and Visual Alerts: When metal is detected, our scanner tool provides both audio and visual alerts, ensuring that you don't miss any potential threats.
  7. Powered: The handheld metal detector operates on batteries, providing the flexibility and convenience to use it in various locations without being tethered to a .

Your Trusted Security Companion:

Whether it's maintaining security at public events, safeguarding sensitive areas, or simply ensuring safety, our Handheld Metal Detector is the professional tool you can rely on. With super high sensitivity, it leaves no room for doubt when it comes to metal detection.

We believe that safety is a priority, and our scanner tool is designed to meet that priority head-on. The super-high sensitivity ensures that you can trust in the precision and reliability of our metal detector, and the user-friendly design makes it accessible to all.

Elevate your security measures with the professional-grade Handheld Metal Detector. When it comes to safety and precision, trust in the tool that delivers super-high sensitivity and peace of mind.

Introducing the MD-3003B1 Hand-Held Metal Detector: Your Reliable Security Companion

The MD-3003B1 is a universal-type hand-held metal detector designed to meet the demands of security and inspection needs. It is cost-effective, stable, and offers reliable performance for various applications where metal detection is crucial. Whether you're safeguarding airports, train stations, bus stations, club entrances, schools, or any place where metal detection is necessary, the MD-3003B1 is here to help.

Key Features:

  1. Ease of Operation: Our hand-held metal detector is designed for user-friendliness. It comes equipped with a leather strap, making it easy to carry and operate.
  2. Low Voltage Indicator: When the battery voltage is low, the indicator light will not shine, or the alarm will activate. This feature ensures that the device is always ready for action.
  3. Dual-Mode Alert: The MD-3003B1 offers both light and sound/vibration alarms to cater to your preferences. You can choose the alert mode that suits your specific needs.
  4. Adjustable Sensitivity: The detector features an automatic reset switch that allows you to adjust its sensitivity. This means it can effectively detect both large and small metal objects as required.

Performance and Specifications:

  • Detection Sensitivity: Capable of detecting metal objects as small as a 2.5mm ball, ensuring comprehensive security.
  • : This detector is powered by a standard 9-volt battery (6F22ND), which offers a cost-effective and easily replaceable power source.
  • Power Consumption: With a maximum power consumption of 270mW, it operates efficiently without draining your battery quickly.
  • Operating Frequency: The MD-3003B1 operates at an efficient frequency of 22KHz, ensuring reliable metal detection.
  • Working Current: It consumes less than 50mA during operation, making it an energy-efficient device.
  • Working Temperature: Designed to function effectively within a temperature range of -5 to 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Net Weight: The detector is lightweight, weighing only 409g, making it easy to handle and carry.

The MD-3003B1 hand-held metal detector provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for various security and inspection needs. Its portable and user-friendly design, along with adjustable sensitivity, ensures that you can use it effectively in a variety of settings. Elevate your security measures with the MD-3003B1 Hand-Held Metal Detector, a trusted choice for metal detection.

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Handheld Metal Detector 3003 Professional Super High Sensitivity Scanner Tool

Handheld Metal Detector 3003 Professional Super High Sensitivity Scanner Tool

75.00 SAR90.00 SAR

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