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High Quality Speaker Voice Coil 44.4Mm Titanium Diaphragm High Pitched Membrane General

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 Speaker Voice Coil 44.4Mm Titanium Diaphragm High Pitched Membrane General

المتكلم ثلاثة أضعاف ملف صوتي التيتانيوم فيلم مكبر الصوت حلقة صوت الحجاب الحاجز المتكلم الملحقات لتقوم بها بنفسك

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Product Description: Sparker Voice Coil 44.4mm Titanium Diaphragm High-Pitched Membrane General

The Sparker Coil with a Titanium Diaphragm is a specialized component designed to enhance the sound quality of audio systems. This high-pitched membrane, built with precise materials and craftsmanship, offers exceptional audio performance and clear, detailed sound. Whether you’re an audio enthusiast or a professional sound engineer, this is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Key Features:

Premium Sound Film Material: The diaphragm features a Titanium Film, known for its remarkable audio characteristics. Titanium is favored for its thin and lightweight properties, making it an ideal choice for professional tweeters.

Round Copper Wire: The constructed using round copper wire, ensuring reliable and efficient electrical conductivity. This contributes to the overall performance and longevity of the voice.

Optimized Bracket Type: This is designed with a frame bracket, ensuring secure mounting and ease of integration into audio systems.

High-Frequency Response: The Titanium diaphragm offers an impressive high-frequency response, delivering clear and rich sound details. It is a vital component for enhancing the audio quality of speakers and audio equipment.

Special Treatments: To address any potential drawbacks of Titanium membranes, special treatments are applied, such as coatings (e.g., bluepine) and composite film materials. These treatments help improve the membrane’s performance, durability, and resistance to issues like burring and listening fatigue.

Package Contents: The package includes a Coil with a Titanium Diaphragm, providing you with a key component to upgrade or repair your audio equipment.


  • Product Name: 8OHM with a round wire titanium film treble ring
  • Diameter: 44.4mm
  • Column Center Distance: 73mm
  • Aluminum Outer Diameter: 62.7mm
  • Dome Height: 5.5mm
  • Sound Film Material: Titanium Film
  • Material: Round Copper Wire

Additional Specifications:

  • Type: Diaphragm without Driver
  • Material: Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
  • Vibrating Membrane Material: Imported Titanium Membrane
  • Impedance: 8 ohms (Note: The actual DC impedance may be lower than this value)
  • Power Handling: 50-120W

The Sparker Coil with a Titanium Diaphragm is a precision-engineered component that delivers exceptional audio quality, making it an ideal choice for audiophiles and professionals in the audio industry. Its use of premium materials, special treatments, and advanced design ensures a high-quality listening experience. Whether you’re upgrading existing audio equipment or building a new sound system, this voice coil plays a crucial role in achieving clear, detailed, and high-pitched sound reproduction.

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