High Sensitivity Water Sensor Arduino Compatible

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مستشعر مياه عالي الحساسية متوافق مع اردوينو

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Water sensor brick is designed for water detection, which can be widely used in sensing the rainfall, water level, even the liquate leakage. The brick is mainly comprised of three parts: An Electronic brick connector, a 1 MΩ resistor, and several lines of bare conducting wires. This sensor works by having a series of exposed traces connected to ground and interlaced between the grounded traces are the Sens traces. The sensor traces have a weak pull-up resistor of 1 MΩ. The resistor will pull the sensor trace value high until a drop of water shorts the sensor trace to the grounded trace. Believe it or not this circuit will work with the digital I/O pins of your Arduino or you can use it with the analog pins to detect the amount of water induced contact between the grounded and sensor traces. This item can judge the water level through with a series of exposed parallel wires stitch to measure the water droplet/water size. This High Sensitivity Water Sensor can easily change the water size to analog signal, and output analog value can directly be used in the program function, then to achieve the function of water level alarm. This item have low power consumption, and high sensitivity, which are the biggest characteristics of this module. The High Sensitivity Water Sensor can be compatible with Arduino UNO, Arduino mega 2560,Arduino ADK etc.


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Water Level Sensor Working
Water Level Sensor Parts

The sensor module has three pins, two of those are power pins and needs to be connected to the 5V and ground pin of the Arduino. As you can see in the above picture, the module has a single power LED that turns on when power is applied to the board, other than that we also have a transistor and a bunch of resistors that in total makes the water level sensor module.

Commonly Asked Questions about Water Level Sensor Module

What are the types of water level sensors?

There are six basic types of commercially used water level indicators: Resistive, Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Frequency, Guided wave GWR, and Pressure transducers. Each of these commonly used indicators have benefits, and each has its drawbacks.

What are level sensors used for?

Water level sensors detect the level of liquids and other fluids and fluidized solids, including slurries, granular materials, and powders that exhibit an upper free surface.

Is it possible to make a water level indicator at home?

If you can accrue all the basic supplies like LEDs, a buzzer, and sensing wires. Then it is not hard to build a basic water level indicator.

Can ultrasonic sensors detect water levels?

With ultrasonic sensors, we can find the water depth calculation by finding the distance between the transceiver and the surface of the water. The sensor will transmit a short ultrasonic pulse, and we can measure the travel time of that pulse (the echo) to the liquid and back.

Circuit Diagram for Water Level Sensor Module

The Schematic Diagram of the Water Level Sensor is shown below and as you can see it’s pretty simple to understand.

Water Level Sensor Schematic
Arduino Water Level Sensor Module Circuit Diagram
Water Level Sensor with Arduino UNO

Working of the Arduino Water Level Sensor 

The gif down below shows the Water Level Sensor working. At first, you can see that the LED on the breadboard is off but when we put some water on the glass, the brightness of the LED starts to increase and when the water in the glass is full the LED glows at full brightness.

One problem we have encountered while working with this sensor is that the bottom portion of this sensor is very sensitive, while the top portion is not that sensitive. If the water level crosses the bottom portion, the sensitivity almost goes to maximum and it saturates.

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High Sensitivity Water Sensor Arduino Compatible

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