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RCA audio video 3×3 cable wire, 3m سلك كابل صوت فيديو


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About this item

    • HIGH PERFORMANCE AUDIO VIDEO SIGNAL: This RCA Audio Video Component cable delivers superior performance to maximize your home theatre experience. TV is able to deliver the purest possible picture, enhancing your viewing experience. An economical way to connect audio and video devices, such as stereo equipment, DVD players, and TVs.
    • SUPERIOR SIGNAL RETENTION: The cable features Copper Conductor for superior signal retention that provides excellent signal, efficiency and low signal loss.
    • PREMIUM COMPONENTS FOR HIGH QUALITY TRANSMISSION: This solidly constructed Male to Male RCA patch cable features Copper wiring of 26 AWG and fully molded Nickel plated connectors with Spiral shield. The outer PVC Molding Jacket provides fine grip for easy handling and protection.
    • AVAILABLE IN LENGTHS FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS: Comes in various lengths to fit your space and equipment diagram. Choose the length that fits your cable requirement. Neither too long to wrap extra wire in a coil, nor too short that fails to reach your connection point. Select the right length to avoid extra cluttering.

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Stereo/VCR RCA by CableWholesale

With Composite Video and Stereo Audio

RCA audio and video cable features stereo audio and composite video. The connectors consist of three nickel male RCA plugs on each end of the cable and the wiring is composed of copper for reduced resistance.

  • Economical solution to plug in with RCA compatible devices
  • Designed for high performance
  • Perfect for home entertainment systems
  • Flexible and durable
  • Nickel Plated Connectors