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ULN2003 5-12V Stepper Motor Driver Module

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ULN2003 5-12V وحدة سائق محرك متدرج

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Stepper motor plays a prominent role in various electronic and robotic applications. We use the stepper motor for correct positioning in different circuits. For example, in robotics arms, antennas, telescopes, etc. These motors may run at high speeds but have a high holding torque. But, these motors require a driver circuit. And, for this reason, there are many types of drivers which are available in the electronic market. This article is about the ULN2003 5-12V Stepper Motor Driver.

Hardware Overview of ULN2003 Module

  • The module comprises ULN2003 IC  which is one of the most frequently used stepper Motor driver IC used when one needs to drive the loads having high current. For example, digital logic circuits, Timers, Gates, etc. Since some motors that require 9V and 300mA to run cannot be powered by the microcontroller and therefore we use this IC to source enough current and voltage for the load. 
  • The board also includes a connector thatch makes it very easy to connect the motor to the module board. Moreover, there are connections for four control inputs and power supply connections.
  • Also, the board has four LEDs that indicate the work on the four control input lines