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Speaker Amplifier Banana Connector Socket Plug Binding Post 4mm Black Red

Speaker Amplifier Banana Connector Socket Plug Binding Post 4mm Black Red

مكبر صوت مكبر الصوت موصل مقبس توصيل 4 مم أسود أحمر

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  • Product Description: Amplifier Banana Connector Socket Plug Binding Post 4mm Black Red

    The Speake Connecto Binding Post is a professional-grade audio connector designed for amplifier applications. With its fully insulated design to prevent short circuits, gold-plated for optimal signal transfer, and compatibility with a variety of cable terminations, this binding post provides a secure and high-quality connection for custom loudspeakers or other projects.

    Key Features:

    Professional-Grade Design: These binding posts are crafted to meet professional standards, ensuring reliable and robust connections for your audio systems.

    Insulated for Safety: The red and black plastic insulation jackets not only add a visual distinction but also serve as safety features, preventing accidental short-circuits and maintaining the integrity of your audio setup.

    Gold-Plated: The binding posts are gold-plated, which enhances signal transfer efficiency, minimizes signal loss, and ensures a cleaner and clearer audio output.

    Versatile Connection: These binding posts are compatible with various cable terminations, including 4mm banana plugs, spade terminals, or bare wire, providing flexibility in your setups.

    Custom Loudspeakers: These binding posts are ideal for custom loudspeakers and builds, allowing you to create tailored audio solutions for your specific needs.

    Screw Termination: The binding posts feature a screw termination method for a secure and tight connection, preventing cable slippage or disconnection.

    Length: Each binding post has a length of 48mm (1.89 inches), providing a suitable size for various speakers and configurations.

    These Binding Posts offer a reliable and efficient solution for connecting your speakers and amplifiers. Their professional-grade design, gold-plated, and safety insulation make them suitable for use in a wide range of audio applications. Whether you’re building custom loudspeakers or amplifiers or looking to upgrade your existing audio setup, these binding posts provide a secure and high-quality connection for your audio components.

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